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Jackson Hole Winter Engagement : A + K

Updated: May 6

engaged couple kissing in the middle of the road in Jackson Wyoming

Glacier View Turnout Engagement

    Now that we’re finally starting to thaw out from winter (just kidding) it’s time to catch up a bit more on all things blog!  One of our favorite sessions from this winter that we wanted to share with you was Alex and Kelly’s engagement session in downtown Jackson and at the always popular Glacier View Turnout.  Truth be told, we had a feeling we were going to be kindred spirits with these cuties from the initial email we received from Kelly.  She submitted it twice on the chance that the first one didn’t go through because she couldn’t quite tell on her end.  I laughed out loud when I read it because this is so us (lol) and we’ve done the same thing when reaching out to people or businesses.  Call me cynical but life has taught me, if something can be lost in the vast world of email land and other electronic transmissions, it will be.  Kelly if you’re reading this, first bump!

After telling us a bit more about her and Alex’s vision for their engagement, we were pumped and hopeful to meet these two!  Kelly expressed that her and Alex loved the light at sunrise and sunset and were torn between doing their session at one time vs the other.  We ended up deciding the best plan would be to do a little bit of both!  I can’t tell you how much we appreciate these two being troopers on the day of their engagement session.  For those of you reading this that have never visited Jackson Hole in the winter, it can be frigid to say the least.  Sometimes it’s hard enough just walking from your car down the street to your favorite coffee shop, let alone dressing cute and doing engagement photos in sub-zero temps.  You heard that right, these two toughed out an exceptionally cold morning where the thermometer was reading negative 3 when we started!  As you can imagine we had to glove up and bundle up a few times to give ourselves a breather from the cold, but Kelly and Alex never complained once.  Pro tip, if you’re ever looking to do a downtown engagement session in Jackson, sunrise is the way to go to avoid all of the heavy traffic and foot traffic.  We essentially had the place to ourselves and these lovelys absolutely rocked it!  Part 2 found us this beautiful engagement session had us venture out to the Grand Tetons National Park to one of our favorite locations, Glacier View Turnout.  We especially love this spot in the winter because it’s usually pretty hard packed throughout the season.  Did we also mention the epic view of the Grand Tetons!?  Kelly and Alex picked up right where they left off that morning and we had a blast playing in the snow with these two!  As always, we hope you all enjoy following along, and big congrats to Kelly and Alex!

couple holding hands and walking in downtown Jackson Hole

traditional portrait of a couple smiling in downtown Jackson Hole

couple smiling at each other while walking through the streets

engaged couple smiling in front of Jackson Hole Antler Arch

woman laughing as she wraps around her fiance's arm

woman laughing at her fiance while she holds on to his arm

engaged couple in downtown Jackson Hole smiling at each other

woman blowing in her fiance's glove to wram his hands

engaged couple smiling in front of a graffiti wall

woman smiling as her fiance hugs her from behind

Engaged couple holding hands in front of a sign that says teton

a couple smiling at each other while holding each other close

man nestling up on his fiance's cheek

engaged couple holding hands and laughing in front of The Grand Tetons

woman leading her fiance across an open field of snow in front of the mountains

traditional portrait of a couple smiling in front of the grand teton

woman smiling while hugging her fiance from behind

woman laughing as her fiance gives her a piggy back ride

a woman popping her foot as she kisses her fiance at glacier view turnout

engaged couple running in front of the grand tetons

engaged couple holding hands and looking opposite directions

a woman laughing as she caresses her fiance in close


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