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Grand Teton Surprise Proposal : A + B

Updated: May 6

A man proposing to his girlfriend in front of the grand tetons

Snowy Mountain Surprise Proposal

The end of 2023 and on in to the early part of 2024 has been a busy winter season for us!  It’s been full of highs and lows, but thankfully the only lows have been the frigid temps here in Jackson Hole!  We’ve been meeting so many sweet couples and families from all over the country and with the new year has come many new beginnings.  One of our favorites during this time has been Brindle’s surprise proposal to Ashleigh in the Grand Teton National Park.  Oftentimes with proposals, the element of surprise can be one of the hardest parts.  How do I get them to dress up, do their nails, and then go out into the freezing temps so I can get down on one knee without them knowing!?  Some of the logistics can be nerve-racking, but we’re always able to help!  For Brindle, he had extra reinforcements and it worked out perfectly!  Like a lot of guys that reach out to us, they want to keep communication minimal so as not to accidentally ruin the surprise.  When you’re likely spending all of your spare time with your soon to be fiance and working full time, it can be tough to find the time to plan everything without giving away the surprise.  Thankfully for Brindle, he enlisted the help of his mom to make sure everything went off without a hitch!  She reached out to us a couple of months before their big winter family trip and let us know what was going on.  She was going to hire a photographer to do some “updated portraits” because she hasn’t had any made in years.  This would be the cover story.  She let Ashleigh know as well that she just wanted some photos of them for the house and that would be her Christmas gift.

On the day of the proposal, Brindle played it off well, acting ‘terribly’ excited to do some updated photos for his mom.  Little did Ashleigh know we had a code word already worked out so when we got to the right spot, Brindle would go right into his proposal once we mentioned it. Of course he crushed it and Ashleigh’s reaction was priceless!  After taking it all in, we had a fun little engagement session for these two as the Tetons faded into sunset.  It was a perfect night and one heck of a way to wrap up our year!  Big congrats to Brindle and Ashleigh and we hope you all enjoy following along!


A woman reacting to her boyfriend's proposal

A woman reacting as her boyfriend puts a ring on her finger

A couple hugging moments after their proposal

A woman laughing in joy moments after her boyfriend proposed

A couple kissing in front of the grand tetons

A couple smiling at each other in front of the grand tetons

Traditional portrait of a couple in front of the grand tetons

A couple sharing an intimate moment by holding each other close

A woman laughing as her fiance whispers into her ear

A couple kissing while the woman shows off her new engagement ring

A couple walking together and laughing in front of the grand tetons

A man picking up his fiance in front of the grand tetons

A man kissing his fiance during sunset

Close up shot of an emerald engagement ring

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Ashleigh Tipton
Ashleigh Tipton
Jan 18

The best photographers I’ve ever experienced, y’all were so sweet and welcoming and the cutest couple! Thank you both so much, we truly appreciate the time you took with us (mostly brindle lol) Y’all made it the best experience for us truly❤️ may God bless you both in the new year!!


Marie Tipton
Marie Tipton
Jan 17

Such amazing pictures. Thank you again for doing a fantastic job! We are so happy we found you!

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