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Forest Scene

Jackson Hole & The Grand Tetons 
Activity Recommendations

  • Summer/Fall Activities

    • Hiking​

    • Mountain/ Road Biking

    • Wildlife Tours

    • Swimming

    • Whitewater Rafting

    • Hot Air Balloon Rides

    • Fishing

    • Float Trips

    • Boating

    • Jackson Lake/ Jenny Lake Cruise

    • Horseback Riding

    • Rock Climbing

    • Rodeo

    • ATV/Off Roading

    • Hot Springs

    • Gondola Rides

    • Kayak/ Canoe/ Paddleboard

    • Camping

    • Golfing

    • AND MORE!!!

  • Winter/Spring Activities

    • Snow Shoeing

    • Far Tire Biking

    • Wildlife Tours

    • Snowboarding

    • Skiing

    • Snowmobiling

    • Ice Fishing

    • Snow Tubing

    • Hot Springs

    • Snowmobile Tours

    • Elk Refuge Tours

    • Dog Sled Tours 

    • Ice Skating​

    • Shopping

    • AND MORE!

Forest Scene

Tips for Activities in
Jackson Hole/Grand Tetons

If you are a nature lover and love the active lifestyle, The Grand Tetons do not disappoint, no matter what the season. Even if you aren't as active, there is something for everyone when visiting the Jackson Hole and Yellowstone area.

We are by no means tour guides, doctors, or survivalist pros, so definitely consult them for professional advice.

BUT here are some things we have found helpful when adventuring in The Grand Tetons.

Tips and Tricks for Activities in The Grand Tetons

  • RESERVATIONS-If possible, make reservations for tours and rentals way ahead of your trip. Even in the winter time, these book up quickly. You will most likely find nothing will be available last minute.

  • DON'T GO ALONE- on your adventures (unless you are an experienced back country adventurer.) The Grand Teton/Yellowstone wilderness is vast and has dangerous weather conditions, animals, terrain, and elevations. TELL SOMEONE where you are going and for how long. It could save your life. 

  • BEAR SPRAY- When in the park/wilderness and going hiking, biking, or out and about, always bring bear spray with you! Grizzly bears are not cute teddy bears that like to snuggle lol.

  • GO OUT PREPARED- always bring supplies with you in your car or on you, including, but not limited to:

    • WATER​

    • Snacks/Food

    • Jackets/blankets/ gloves/ beanies/etc.

    • Sunscreen

    • Bear Spray

    • Survival/ Camp gear

    • Satellite Phone

    • GPS

    • Compass

    • First Aid Kit

    • Hiking shoes

    • Extra clothing

    • Headlamp/Flashlight

    • Medications

  • WATER- We cannot reiterate enough about staying hydrated in The Grand Tetons/ Jackson Hole. Many people don't think they need it in the cooler/dryer weather, but you need it more than ever then. The elevation change in the area usually gets to people and people get dehydrated, dizzy, light headed, and have a hard time breathing.

  • DO NOT APPROACH WILDLIFE! Always keep a safe distance of 25-100+ yards. Please refer to park guidelines on their website. 

  • "THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM." Summer and fall time are the busiest times of year for The Grand Tetons. So if you plan on doing any activities like hiking or visiting your favorite spot in the park, be prepare for traffic, crowding, and limited parking. 

  • WATCH THE WEATHER- The weather is a constant change here in the Jackson Hole region. Make sure to always be aware of the weather, look at the sky, and forecast hour by hour, and do not go out on an adventure if it is looking questionable. It's not worth it! 

  • ELEVATION- Many people who visit Jackson Hole never have been at higher elevations. With this, this can cause altitude sickness for some. Some experience: headaches, light headedness, fainting, difficulty breathing, nausea, and more. We suggest hydrating, get rest when needed, and take medicines that help with motion sickness. 

  • THINGS ARE HARDER AT ELEVATION- Things like walking, hiking, or any cardio activity can be harder at higher elevations like in the Grand Tetons. So start off easy and know your fitness limits. Make sure to do your research before going on an adventure on the length of the hike or difficulty of the hike. 

  • BE PREPARED FOR COLD- it can be cold at any time of year in The Grand Tetons. Make sure to wear/bring layers of warm clothing with you, especially if you are going to be out an about on a adventure all day.

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