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Grand Teton National Park Proposal : K+M

Updated: May 6

a woman reacting to her boyfriend proposing to her at schwabacher landing

Schwabacher Landing Proposal

The summer of 2022 was a summer of love for us! Part of that love was one of the sweetest couples we had the pleasure of connecting with last year, Michael and Kristin! Michael contacted us a few months in advance of his surprise proposal in Jackson Hole. After picking Schwabacher landing as the ideal spot, we came up with a final game plan for the big moment. As a friendly tip for anyone reading, if you're planning a surprise proposal session, one thing we recommend is choosing a location that's easy to navigate. Always keep it simple! Beyond being absolutely breathtaking, this is one of the reasons we love Schwabacher Landing for proposals. Easy to find on GPS, easy to navigate once you're there, and amazing views of the Tetons in the distance are the proverbial icing on the cake!

When I think back to Michael's proposal to Kristin, one word comes to mind, perfection! The location, the lighting, her reaction, and Michael was even on time (literally almost never happens with proposals). We're a sucker for emotional reactions and Kristin's was everything as she reached out to hug Michael. These lovelies were an absolute delight and we can't thank them enough for allowing us to capture this chapter of their story! We hope you all enjoy following along!

a man holding his girlfriend's hand in front of the mountains

a man proposing to his girlfriend in front of the grand tetons

a woman reacting to her boyfriend's surprise proposal

engaged couple hugging

woman laughing as her fiance holds her close

a woman showing off her ring moments after getting engaged

traditional portrait of a couple smiling in jackson hole

bride and groom's hands

couple holding hands and walking the path at schwabacher landing

couple kissing at schwabacher landing

couple laughing together in the grand tetons

couple holding hands and walking near the water

dramatic lighting portrait of a man holding his fiance at schwabacher landing

dramatic light portrait of a woman being picked up by her fiance

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