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Breathtaking Winter Proposal in Jackson Hole : M + S

Updated: May 6

A couple on their knees holding each other in the snow

Snowy Winter Mountain Proposal

This winter was busier than we could have ever imagined.  Splitting time between Jackson Hole and the east coast with our other businesses we’re always bouncing around and this year past year we decided we wanted to have a while Christmas.  Knowing that we’d be staying outside of our typical busy season we didn’t expect to be on the go that much….and we were wrong (lol).  We actually ended up extending our trip by almost two weeks due to the amount of couples and families looking for snowy sessions over the holidays.  Of course, being a bit of workaholics we couldn’t say no and we’re so glad we decided to stay because it led us to connecting with Mitch and Savannah!  Mitch had reached out via instagram to let us know he was wanting to plan the perfect proposal for him and his girlfriend Savanna!  You could tell from the questions and the tone, he was so pumped to take this next step in their relationship.  I remember asking what was bringing them to Jackson Hole and he said well she loves mountains, it’s one of of her favorite things so I wanted to ask in the perfect location (so sweet!).  He had seen a spot on our feed with a gorgeous Teton view that he wondered if we could access as a potential location.  With the spot being one of our go to locations during the winter, we discussed it and planned everything to a T.  The one thing we didn’t account for was the massive amount of snowfall we received the two days prior to Mitch and Savannah’s arrival.  In years past, even snow covered, this location usually maintains a pretty hard packed ground.  Since the snow was so fresh it was soft as could be.  I went ahead and tried to make a path via footsteps by heading out to the spot from the parking lot, but it was so thick and soft, I could quickly see this wasn’t going to be a practical as we had hoped.  Since we still had a few minutes before they arrived, we quickly brainstormed a plan B and decided we would keep things a little closer to the parking lot where it was a bit more hard packed.  Given the directions we had previously gone over, we were hopeful Mitch would pick up on the subtleties for a change of plans.

When they arrived, the first thing we noticed was Savannah’s shoes.  She was in a pair of heels and I think both of us were like oh crap internally, but as they arrived, we played it cool and struck up a casual conversation about photographing wildlife and they had confirmed they also saw the bull moose on the way to getting to this location (sweet!).  We thought the 3 foot tall shelf of snow in the parking lot might slow her down but like a total trooper she stepped right up into the mix and didn’t hesitate for a second.  Mitch followed up close behind and eventually swept her off of her feet as she sank in to the snow. We were worried with the mountains being whited out if he would miss the set up spot, but after getting out to some solid ground, Mitch placed Savannah in front of him and immediately went into his proposal.  It was literally one of the sweetest surprise proposals we have ever been apart of.  Savannah also fell to her knees and they both wrapped each other in a  warm embrace.  They both teared up as they talked and within moments, Savannah said I do.  These two probably could’ve lasted forever in that moment, but having seen her feet sink further into the snow, we jokingly said something about frostbite and and we all laughed and came together for more hugs. We made our way down the road to a spot we knew would be a little easier to navigate for all of our footing.  As expected the emotion continued and these two absolutely rocked their engagement session in the snow! Their chemistry on camera was electric!  It was easily one of our favorite proposals of all time and one we won’t soon forget, mainly because my toes are still numb (jk!).  So many congrats to Mitch and Savannah and we hope you all enjoy following along!


a man proposes to his girlfriend in Jackson Hole

A couple laughing together during their proposal in Jackson Hole

A woman covers her face with her hand after her boyfriend proposes

A woman drops to her knees moments after her boyfriend proposes

A woman smiles at her boyfriend moments after he proposes

A woman covers her mouth moments after her boyfriend proposes

A man puts a ring on his fiance's finger

A couple hugging each other moments after their proposal

A couple kissing in the snow

A girl laughs as her fiance kisses her head

black and white image of a woman smiling as her fiance whispers in her ear

A couple smiling and walking as she hold on to her fiance's arm

engaged couple popping a bottle of champagne

engaged couple laughing as they pop a bottle of champagne

A couple sharing cute nose cuddles moments after sipping champagne

engaged couple cheersing champagne

A couple smiling at each other while cheersing champagne

A man sweeping his fiance off of her feet in the snow

close up of an engagement ring

creative backlit shot of a couple kissing in the snow

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