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Glacier View Turnout Engagement : M + S

Scott and Megan have the distinction of being one of our top 2 coldest engagement sessions of all time! They also have the distinction of being total bad asses, as you pretty much have to be to shoot your entire session in negative 14 degree weather! Yes, you read that right, no typos, 14 degrees below zero! They were also in town for a little fun on the slopes so they knew what to expect, but as you can imagine, the outfit choices are a little different….just a little 🥶

Despite the cold temps, Megan and Scott greeted us with warm smiles. After a little prep and a short stroll across the hard packed snow, these cuties were well on their way to rocking their winter engagement session in the Tetons! This time of year can be a little limiting in terms of locations in the Jackson Hole area as the snow covered roads and landscape can make accessing a lot of the popular spots very difficult. Technically do-able but once the temps get to a certain point, you have to weigh the cost to benefit ratio. As we pointed out recently, you can typically only shoot in these conditions for a few minutes at a time. And a few minutes at a time we did! After 5-10 minutes of shooting, we would all run back to our running cars and soak up as much heat as possible in between. Rinse, repeat.

One thing stood out to us throughout their engagement session. No matter how brutal the cold, or the occasional wind, Scott and Megan were able to keep it fun and keep each other laughing the entire time! Not an easy feat in all conditions, especially these. Definitely good practice for their wedding next January in Bozeman where it’s sure to be a little chilly. But enough of our talkative selves, enjoy following along on their beautiful engagement!


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