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Schwabacher Landing Engagement Photos : J + B

Updated: May 6

engaged couple holding each other in front of Schwabacher landing

Grand Teton Engagement Photos

If you’ve been following us on social media, then it’s no secret to you that fall is our favorite season for all things weddings and portraits, especially here in the Jackson Hole area! We get the most radiant yellow fall colors that paint the landscape and you’re hard pressed to find a bad view in the entire area. From Oxbow Bend to the foothills when you’re heading into town, the area is is speckled with that warm vibrance making it the perfect time of year and place to schedule your engagement session!

In the case of Jessica and Ben, they did just that! With a lot of our sessions throughout the year, we do our best to plan ahead. As anyone who lives in an area with seasons knows, you can try to predict the peak fall color all you want but there is always going to be some variance year to year and location to location. With Jessica and Ben, if memory serves me correctly, we even changed it up last minute for the best fall color, views, and scenery. Where better than one of our local favorite Schwabacher Landing in Grand Teton National Park!? One thing we were also stoked about besides Jessica and Ben being total cuties and having amazing chemistry on camera, was the fact that they dressed the part to a T! Jessica’s yellow dress and Ben’s rich forest green complimented and scenery perfectly. Throw in a little bit of the beautiful Alpenglow the Tetons are known for and it’s easy to see why this was one of our favorite engagements sessions from last year!


engaged couple smiling in front of the yellow aspens

a woman wrapped around her fiance's arm in front of the fall color

a woman laughing as her fiance holds her

engaged couple holding hands and walking by the snake river

a couple holding hands and walking by the snake river

a woman being kissed on the head by her fiance

a man twirling his fiance

a woman spinning in her dress while holding her fiance's hand

a man kissing his fiance on the forehead

a couple walking together in front of the grand tetons

a couple holding each other in front of the grand tetons

a couple holding each other and watching the sunset

dramatic lighting portrait of a couple by the river

photo of the grand tetons while a couple is blurred in the foreground

couple smiling at each other surrounded by fall color

a couple kissing in the snake river

couple standing side by side in a field while the sun sets

a man kissing his fiance on the side of the head

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