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Winter Proposal Jackson Hole : C + R

Updated: Feb 6

a man proposing to his girlfriend in Jackson Hole

Can a situation be perfect but also have Murphy’s Law apply? Before you go too far down that rabbit hole of a conversation, follow along with us on Colby and Rachel’s surprise proposal in the Grand Tetons from this winter! It may be the best example of both. Colby had everything planned to a T for his proposal to Rachel while they were visiting the Jackson Hole area. He scouted and found the perfect spot, we had everything planned out for the best lighting, he got a beautiful ring, and he wrote the sweetest note to give to Rachel. There was just one curve ball. The heavy snow fall which we’re known for here in the Jackson area covered up the view from the spot Colby picked. The spot was also impossible to get to without trudging through almost waist deep snow (not ideal for taking a knee). Lastly, to top it all off, Colby texted us right around when we thought he would be leaving and as luck would have it, he got his 4x4 Jeep stuck in the snow right when he was pulling out. After a little bit of scrambling, and a lot of perseverance, Colby was able to figure everything out and we made an adjustment to the original plans based on what the weather was giving us.

This time of year, the sun sets a lot earlier and we were a little worried Colby wouldn’t make it in time to catch the tail end of sunset, but he made it over Teton Pass in record time. We set up when we saw his headlights pulling up into the Grand Teton National Park. Soon after, he was parked and handing his letter to Rachel. It was bumpy road getting there to say the least but looking back I don’t think it could have worked out any better. Colby hit his knee and Rachel said yes!!! After a little fun in the snow, we headed into town to finish up under the antler arches in Jackson Square and we could not think of a better way to end the evening!

man proposing to his girlfriend

a woman reacting to her boyfriend proposing

a woman smiling at her boyfriend as he proposes

a man proposing to his girlfriend in the snow

couple kissing in the snow

traditional portrait of couple smiling in the snow

a man and woman going in for a kiss

a couple laughing together in the snow

couple smiling while holding each other

a couple holding each other close in front of their headlights

couple kissing in front of their jeep

couple holding each other in front of their jeep

couple kissing under the antler arch in jackson hole

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