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Glacier View Turnout Proposal : M +S

Updated: May 6

a couple on their knees hugging each other during their proposal

Grand Teton National Park Proposal

Every proposal we get to be a part of is special, but Marcos and Sydney’s proposal in The Grand Tetons was the absolute sweetest! Let’s start from the beginning! Marcos contacted us prior to his trip to the Jackson Hole area and it was apparent from the get go that he had such a thoughtful and elaborate plan for how he wanted everything to go. He explained to us his entire plan, when he would propose, where, and the overall vision. Naturally we were excited, it was just a matter of making sure everything timed out well, having an extra hand to set the scene how Marcos envisioned, and as always having a little luck in hoping the weather panned out.

For those who can’t quite picture what I’m describing (don’t worry there are images to follow) Marcos didn’t just plan for the beautiful Grand Teton range as his backdrop for proposing to Sydney. He wanted he and Sydney to be able to take a little trip down memory lane as they approached the spot he had picked out for her. He arranged signs with pictures from many of their most cherished trips and memories throughout their relationship and they all led to a picnic blanket with champagne and strawberries, and maybe the most important detail of all. Light up signs in front of the mountains spelling out “Marry Me.”

Due to the dynamics of capturing proposals in public spaces, and the vision Marcos had, we knew timing would be everything when it came to making sure everything went perfectly! Of course as it oftentimes does, the weather in the area had other plans. Between rain, snow, clouds, and sometimes wild fire smoke, you never know what the view of the Tetons is going to look like on the day of. Having seen the weather report and knowing how that usually impacts the views, we were hopeful things would clear out of the morning of. While it didn’t clear out completely, it was still one of our favorite proposals this year. Marcos had put so much time, thought, and emotion into planning the perfect proposal for Sidney that it didn’t matter if the weather was perfect or less than ideal. As soon as they started approaching the site, you could see the emotion written all over her face. She was overtaken with more and more happy tears with each step forward. As Marcos got down on one knee, Sidney immediately said yes. She went to her knees as well and they held each other close as they soaked up this beautiful moment. It was a perfect surprise proposal! We hope you enjoy following along!


picnic set up in front of the grand tetons on a cloudy day

champagne on a picnic blanket

a girl covering her mouth as she realizes she's about to get proposed to

couple holding hands and walking as the woman covers her mouth with her hand

couple hugging each other

couple walking side by side

a man caresses his girlfriend's face

a man proposing to his girlfriend

man proposing to his girlfriend in jackson hole

couple on their knees while hugging

couple hugs each other moments after her proposal

a woman hugging her boyfriend after he proposed

a woman caresses her fiance closely

a couple smiling while she shows off her new engagement ring

couple laughing as they pop a bottle of champagne

champagne glasses and a large engagement ring

a couple toasting each other while sitting on a picnic blanket

a woman's engagement ring in focus as she smiles in the background

bride and groom holding hands and walking together with a mountain in the background

a couple laughing as a man gives his fiance a piggy back

creative lighting photo of a couple in the rain

a woman laughing as her fiance whispers in her ear

a bride and groom walking through a field

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