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Grand Teton Surprise Proposal : L + K

Updated: May 6

man proposing to his girlfriend in front of the grand tetons

Gorgeous Surprise Proposal

When you think of the Jackson Hole area, you likely think of The Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone NP, cowboys, wildlife, and nice people. One thing that probably wouldn’t cross your mind initially would be proposals. No, not business proposals, we’re talking about getting down on one knee and asking that special someone to spend the rest of their lives with you! Having shot on the east coast for years, we have some iconic locations in the area that couple love to propose, but when we started expanding out west we didn’t realize how popular surprise proposals would be here in the Jackson. Our most recent surprise proposal was for Luke and Katie while they were on a road trip from the east coast. Luke reached out well in advance of their trip and after connecting we were soon working on a plan for the perfect spot for the big moment! We decided on the always beautiful Jenny Lake but as it oftentimes does in the Tetons, mother nature had other plans. We actually visited this location the night before for a family session and noticed the water level was super high compared to the last time we visited. So much so that the shoreline Luke planned to pop the question was completely underwater. After touching base, we were able to come up with a back up location we knew of that wasn’t too far down the road. It was every bit just as beautiful only we would have a lot more room!

After pivoting last minute, we were a little nervous as there are always a lot of moving parts with proposal sessions. Timing, exact location, navigating to some of these locations with little to no phone signal, trying to look inconspicuous, you name it, but Luke followed his plan to a T and absolutely knocked it out of the park! She said yes! Katie had the absolute sweetest reaction. The moment was a beautiful reminder of why proposals are our favorite thing to capture. After giving these cuties a few minutes to take it all in, we transitioned to an engagement session and they both rocked it! Big congrats to Luke and Katie and as always, we hope you all enjoy following along!


grand teton national park surprise proposal

a woman reacting to her boyfriend's proposal

a couple hugging and kissing in front of the grand tetons

a woman hugging her fiance moments after he proposes

engaged couple hugging in front of the mountains

woman hugging her fiance with her eyes closed

engaged couple laughing together

engaged couple walking and holding hands in front of the grand tetons

traditional portrait of a couple smiling in front of the grand tetons

couple looking opposite directions

woman showing off her engagement ring

couple laughing while holding on to each other in front of the mountains

couple laughing as a woman holds her fiance from behind

creative portrait of the mountains reflecting

engaged couple laughing together in the grand teton national park

woman laughing as her fiance picks her up

a couple kissing in front of the grand tetons


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