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Jackson Hole Elopement : A + K

When I think about elopements, I can’t help but think about Alex and Kelly! This lovely couple celebrated their special day with us this past summer and even though mother nature gave us a bit of a scare, everything ended up working out perfectly! We were so excited for Kelly as this was going to be her first time visiting the area. If you know a little bit about our story, all it took was one visit to Jackson Hole when we decided we had to live here! Between the Grand Tetons, the people, the wildlife, and the ability to just escape to the forest and not see a soul all day, there’s just something special about the entirety of this place that’s hard to put into words. It just pulls you in.

For Alex and Kelly’s elopement, they traveled with 7 of their closest friends! If you have an active outdoorsy crew, Jackson Hole is the perfect place to visit with friends as there is always something fun to get into during the summer! Their ceremony was held in Grand Teton National Park at one of our favorite locations, Glacier View Turnout! It’s one of those locations that probably doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Typically the spots people always ask about are Mormon Row, Schwabacher Landing, and Jenny Lake, all of which are amazing but in our opinion if you’re looking for the best straight on view of the tetons in the area, then you’ll want to visit Glacier View Turnout. On the day of their elopement, everything was looking great, except for the looming thunderstorms in the distance (ugh!). It comes with the territory. Thankfully, everything timed out just in time and they were able to say their private vows, as well as celebrate with a few photos. Once the rain and lightning arrived, we turned into reverse storm chasers trying to find a spot where we could get some awesome shots but also stay far enough away from the storm to be safe. After a quick trip towards Jackson and a little gravel action, we found an amazing spot where these two continued to rock it as the rain storm inched ever closer. With the way the radar was looking, we gave Alex and Kelly a couple of potential options. One a little riskier and one more of a safe bet but not as much scenery. It was only risky because we were likely to run out of light if we got there and the weather didn’t let up, we wouldn’t have time to adjust. Thankfully Alex and Kelly decided they wanted to go for it and wouldn’t you know, we were treated to one of the best sunsets of the summer! (Great choice guys!) Alright enough of us, scroll onward and we hope you enjoy!


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