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Wedding Tree Elopement : E + N

Updated: Jan 29

groom picking up his bride in front of the grand tetons

This summer was filled with so many amazing couples and an abundance of natural beauty! The one spot we visited more than just about anywhere was the always popular Wedding Tree in the Bridger Teton National Forest! I say popular, but in general this spot usually isn’t too widely known until you start doing your research about eloping in Jackson Hole or The Grand Tetons. It has definitely grown in popularity throughout the years for elopements but given it’s proximity to The Grand Teton National Park and downtown Jackson, it’s still not nearly as traveled or visited as many popular locations around the area. In fact, it’s one of the places we’ll often times sneak away to and just grab a fold out chair to relax. The open meadows, wildflowers, amazing vantage point, and of course the view of the Grand Tetons in the distance make this special place ideal for intimate weddings!

One of our favorites from this summer was Emily and Nick’s in late June! When Emily initially contacted us, it was in contrast to the majority of the inquires we get for elopements in the area. Oftentimes we expect to help our couples with the planning process that includes permitting, logistics, and picking locations, but Emily already had everything lined up! Her and Nick were on top of everything from the get go and soon after connecting we were so pumped to learn they wanted us to capture their special day! Another fun and unique aspect of Nick and Emily’s wedding was it fell perfectly into that grey area now known in our industry as a micro-wedding. It was actually our first time shooting one at Wedding Tree that wasn’t just the couple and maybe 1-2 guests. Emily and Nick brought along some of their closest family & friends to join them for this special moment and to celebrate their love, as well as the surrounding beauty. It definitely made for a fun and festive ceremony! Of course our favorite part was slipping away with these cuties for couples photos around the area! Between the snow covered tetons (yes even in June) and the array of different spots we were able to venture off to, it made for an epic afternoon and one we won’t soon forget! We hope you enjoy following along!


bride approaching groom from behind during their first look

bride hugging groom from behind during their first look

groom hugging bride during the first look

bride and groom holding hands and walking through a field

view of the grand teton mountain range from wedding tree

wedding ceremony guests seated at The Wedding Tree near Jackson Hole

wedding guests smiling

bride's father walking her on a trail

groom reacting to seeing his bride walk down the aisle

the bride's father walking her down the aisle

bride and her father smiling as they approach the ceremony

groom and father of the bride shaking hands

the bride's father hugging her as the wedding ceremony begins

bride and groom facing the pastor during their wedding ceremony

bride and groom holding hands during their ceremony a The Wedding Tree

mountains in the background of the wedding ceremony

groom placing ring on the bride's hand

wedding ceremony at the wedding tree in Kelly Wyoming

bride and groom sharing their first kiss

bride and groom smiling as they walk back down the aisle

bride hugging her mother after the ceremony

fun bridal party photo

bridal portrait in front of the mountains

bride and groom holding hands and walking in front of the grand tetons

groom portrait in front of the mountains

traditional portrait of the bride and groom smiling

bride and groom holding hands and walking through a grassy field

bride and groom smiling at each other in front of the grand tetons

bride and groom running through an open field

groom dip kissing the bride

bride and groom side by side looking at each other

groom holding the bride from behind at Schwabacher Landing

bride and groom kissing in front of the grand tetons while the bride wears a cowboy hat

bridal portrait at schwabacher landing

bride and groom covering their faces with a cowboy hat while kissing

bride and groom kissing underneath a rainbow

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