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Fall Elopement in the Grand Tetons : A + K

Updated: May 6

married couple dip kissing in front of the moulton barn at sunset

Beautiful and Colorful Mountain Elopement

Easily one of our favorite elopements from this fall in the Grand Tetons was with Katie and Andy! (and Winnie!) They brought along their super cute fur baby for their ceremony and she was absolutely adorable in every capture! In addition to all things dog (which we love if you couldn’t tell) Katie and Andy were one of those couples that you just can’t help but fall in love with once you get to know them. They had a beautiful ceremony setting at one of our favorite locations in the park and the light could not have been better. The sun rays were piercing through the clouds in between the mountains and framing them beautifully as they said their vows and I dos! The icing on the cake for their ceremony was the lack of crowd. Fall can be a busy time here in Jackson Hole and for good reason. The landscape can radiate with yellow as the aspens start to turn and this fresh pop of color can can be a beautiful addition to any session or elopement! Like many regions with fall color, a lot of folks will travel here just to see the color. Somehow we ended up in the sweet spot that we had all to ourselves!

After their beautiful elopement ceremony, we moved around Grand Teton National Park and went to a few of our favorite spots in the area including Schwabacher Landing, and the always popular Mormon Row! Did we mention Katie and Andy were rocking out in their truck camper? These two were the epitome of a fun couple this was ever apparent in their interactions. Their lighthearted and playfulness radiated love in every image and we hope you’ll enjoy following along!

Important Note: The Grand Teton National Park does allow pets but they are not allowed on trails, pathways, beaches, in buildings, and in they are not allowed to swim in any park waters. For info on bringing your furry friends to the park, please check out the following link to make sure you and your dog have a safe visit.


bride and groom holding hands during their ceremony in front of the grand tetons

groom placing ring on bride's finger

groom smiling while holding bride's hands

bride and groom's dog laying on the groom's feet

bride and groom looking down at their puppy as it looks up at them

groom reading his vows

bride smiling at the groom while holding the groom's hands

bride and groom touching foreheads and holding each other close

bride and groom holding each other in front of the grand tetons while laughing

bride laughing while the groom holds her

groom laughing while the bride is wrapped around his arm

bride pulling groom in for a passionate kiss in front of the grand tetons

bridal portrait in front of the grand tetons

the bride and groom holding hands and looking at each other

bride and groom holding their puppy while smiling

groom and bride holding hands and walking across a field

bride kissing groom in front of mountains while her veil fills the photo

bride and groom and their dog in front of their RV

bride and groom holding each other and looking at the grand tetons

bride and groom holding hands and walking at schwabacher landing

bride and groom re-enacting scene from titanic

bride being held by groom while she smiles

Special thanks to our friend and wedding officiant - Joann McGregor

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