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Schwabacher Landing Proposal : C + Z

Updated: May 6

a man proposing to his girlfriend at schwabacher landing

Grand Teton National Park Engagement

I feel like we usually get caught up with editing pretty quick throughout most of the year, but sometimes blogs are a close second. Or maybe even distant second depending on the time of the year (lol). This was one of our favorite engagement sessions from last fall! Zach had reached out to us early on during the planning process for his surprise proposal to Ceannie and after learning a little more about his vision, we could hardly wait! Zach picked out the always beautiful Schwabacher Landing for this special moment and after discussing all of the details, we went with sunrise for his proposal! Little did we know later that day Zach and Ceannie were also going to be hiking Delta Lake! If you know what I’m talking about just from that name reference then you already know Zach and Ceannie are as adventurous as they come. Throw in the fact that they were willing to get up that early to catch the sunrise just speaks to how cool these two are in our book!

No doubt you’ve seen us talk about Schwabacher Landing before in previous blogs and posts, but for those of you who have never been during sunrise, it is a real treat! On a clear morning the soft light coming from the rising sun paints the mountains like fine art and the reflection in the foreground off of the Snake River is something that draws in landscape photographers and nature enthusiasts from around the country. It can get a little crowded during peak season mornings so be mindful of this shared space. When we arrived, the cool air greeted our lungs as the first signs of light were just starting to paint the mountains. To our surprise, it was fairly empty that morning, truly making it the perfect spot for Zach and Ceannie. She said yes and after the excitement of the moment, these cuties rocked their engagement session after! As always, we hope you enjoy following along!

newly engaged couple hugging at schwabacher landing

couple hugging in front of the mountains

a couple kissing during sunrise at schwabacher landing

couple holding hands and walking across a field

couple sharing an intimate moment

the woman's new engagement ring

couple resting foreheads on each other

dramatic lighting portrait in front of the grand tetons

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