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Grand Teton Elopement : R+ P

Updated: Jan 26

sunset portrait of the groom kissing the bride's forehead

Easily one of the most beautiful elopements from this past fall was Rhionna and Preston’s! These lovelies said their I dos at one of our favorite spots and one of the most popular, Mormon Row! They decided on Mormon Row North right next to the John Moulton Barn. This iconic structure makes for a beautiful back drop and if that wasn’t enough, in the background of that is the majestic Grand Teton mountain range. In essence, its such an idyllic location for any wedding or elopement ceremony! We were also pumped to connect with Rhionna and Preston because they are from North Carolina. For those of you who’ve been following us for a while, you know we spend a good chunk of our time in WNC for our other two businesses. We found it so ironic that when we moved from FL to NC, so many of our wedding couples were from FL, and when we moved to WY, so many of our couples have been from NC! You have to love this crazy sometimes seemingly small world we live in.

Preston was a true gentleman through and through and it was obvious from the get go he was so excited to see Rhionna in her dress! Rhionna was beautiful inside and out, and when the time finally arrived to set up for the ceremony we were filled with anticipation. Given the location, it does make the walk out for a first look a little challenging but we rotated Preston as needed as Rhionna approached with her dad, their families also waiting with excitement. From the get go, we could tell how tight knit of a family this was and we definitely have a special appreciation for them making us feel so welcome like we were one of the crew! Initially the atmosphere did provide an unexpected and sudden challenge for the ceremony lighting. On a fairly clear day, there was somehow an unexpected white out of the mountains in the background. During the winter when a blizzard moves in or when the smoke from wildfires blows in during the summer, this is a common occurrence but definitely unexpected for their wedding day. Fortunately as the time passed and their ceremony progressed, the sky started to clear and wouldn’t you know, the light got soft, the background cleared, and the sun rays flared in the background just in time for their first kiss! Talk about divine intervention. That evening was filled with a lot of love. As their two families became one and we laughed at the wind making everyone’s hair crazy, we soon ventured off to a few of our favorite locations for their couple’s portraits! Golden hour and sunset were both gorgeous that night and made for the perfect backdrop for their love story! Big congrats to Rhionna and Preston and their families and we hope you all enjoy following along!


bride and groom celebrating after saying I do at mormon row

the bride hugging her mom

groom hugging his mom

traditional portrait of the bride and groom smiling

bride and groom smiling in front of the john moulton barn

groom portrait at mormon row

bridal portrait in front of mormon row

bride laughing as she brushes her fingers through her hair

married couple standing side by side in front of the moulton barn

dramatic lighting portrait of a couple in front of the john moulton barn

a couple dip kissing in front of a barn on mormon row

the bride and groom looking off to the side in front of the mountains

bride and groom smiling at each other in front of the mountains

bride and groom holding hands and walking through a field

the groom kissing the bride's cheek in front of the grand tetons

the groom kissing the bride's forehead during sunset

the bride looking at the camera while the groom looks at her

bride and groom laughing as she wraps him up from behind

sunset portrait of the bride and groom kissing at schwabacher landing

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