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  • Jenny and Joe Mackey

Firelight Farm Wedding : M + S

Updated: May 6

bride and groom kissing in the snow with mountains in the distance

Grand Teton National Park Wedding

Our first wedding of the year has already become one of our favorites! One, because Scott & Megan are amazing! Seriously, we first connected with these lovelys in 2022 for their engagement session here in Jackson Hole. They were in town ripping it up on the slopes and figured why not do our engagement photos somewhere beautiful like in front of the Grand Tetons!? This is when we really got to see what these two were made of. Whoa! Little hardcore choice of words much guys? If you would’ve been there you know that I only mean this in the most awesome of ways. It was negative 14 degrees the morning of their session, cold enough to make even the most seasoned of winter travelers think twice about going out into the elements. Not Scott & Megan, these two were game from the get go and didn’t have any hesitations about getting up before the sun that day. Looking back, I’m sure they were rolling their eyes when I started trying to explain the process of frost bite and how long we could be out in the cold at that temperature and minimal coverage. Anyone who knows Scott & Megan and is reading this is probably thinking ‘oh the sweet irony.’ These two adventurous souls are also well accomplished doctors. They probably should’ve been telling me the signs of frost bite or hypothermia and not the other way around (lol, thanks for putting up with us guys!). Nonetheless, they brought their A game and and totally crushed their winter engagement session here in the Tetons!

We’re always hopeful that when we connect with a couple like Scott and Megan, we’ll be able to work with them again in the future. We were delighted a few weeks later when they asked us if we’d be willing to make the trip up north! They told us all about their wedding and how they would be getting married at the beautiful Firelight Farms in Bozeman, Montana! I’m sure they were figuring if these guys were crazy enough to spend that cold morning in the snow with them, maybe we’d be down for a little winter wedding action in January in Bozeman. They were right! While we’ve done our fair share of winter weddings, and snowy elopements throughout the years, this was going to be our first big traditional wedding all day in the snow, and also our first time visiting Bozeman. After re-connecting with Scott and Megan to learn more about the vision for their day, and doing our due diligence to get the lay of the land at their venue, we grew more and more eager with each passing month! When their wedding day finally arrived, they could not have asked for a better weather situation. I kid you not when I say 10 minutes in and I was already sweating through my first Montana winter experience (lol). In all seriousness, it was gorgeous! Snow covered the landscape near and far, blue skies provided the perfect amount of pop, and the mild temps made you want to stay out in it all day! Usually we have a favorite part of the day but Megan and Scott’s wedding day was essentially perfect from beginning to end! From the personalized details, incorporating their snow boards and stay true to themselves, the overall scene, rocking couples portraits in the snow, and definitely the rocking reception being powered by Gina and The Wildfire, it was a truly epic day! Did I mention swigging spiked warm cider that I didn’t realize was spiked until after? It truly was a memorable day from start to finish and one we won’t soon forget! Big congrats to Scott & Megan, and we hope you all enjoy following along!

bride's dress hanging on a barn door

bridal details in the snow

bride's wedding dress hanging from a door frame

snowboarding bridal details

bride taking a shot

reflection shot of the bride getting her make up finished

the bride and bridesmaids matching shoes

bride getting final hair touchups

shot of the bride's hair being styled

the bridal party popping bottles

bride getting final dress touches

the bride putting on her snow boots

the boutonnieres framed by the window light

groom and groomsmen walking together

groom's father helping him put on his boutonnierre

groom's party in the silo

groomsmen framed by the venue

groomsmen laughing

groom's portrait

the groom and groomsmen wearing cowboy hats

bride and groom standing in front of their venue

bridal portrait framed by the venue

the back of the bride's dress

bride and groom smiling

bride and groom leaning forehead to forehead with their snowboards

bride and groom walking while holding their snowboards

bride and groom smiling at each other while holding their snowboards

couple kissing with their snowboards framing them

bride and bridesmaids smiling

bridal party smiling

bridesmaids and groomsmen all together

fun bridal party photo

groom wiping a tear away as the bride walks down the aisle

bride's father walking her down the aisle

bride's father kissing her on the cheek

snowy wedding ceremony

bride and groom sharing their first kiss

sunset photo of bride and groom

the bride and groom's hands

bride and groom walking across the snow

shot of the bride and groom in the snow smiling

groom kissing bride ont he temple

lead singer for wedding brand

fun dance floor during reception

the groom and his buddies dancing

starry night portrait of the bride and groom

dramatic night portrait of bride and groom framed by flames

bride and groom exiting their wedding

Special thank you the amazing vendor team for their beautiful day!

Ceremony Music: Music Villa

Videography: Capture Now Studios

Reception Music: Gina and The Wildfire

Carriage Company: Outlaw Carriage Company

Planning/Coordinating: Carefree Events


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