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Jenny Lake Proposal | C + T

man proposing to his girlfriend at Jenny Lake

   One thing is for sure about this Spring, love is in full bloom.  Ok, that’s the only sappy love quote I promise! (hopeless romantic what can I say!?)  Some of you are probably thinking Spring?  It looks like full on winter in the photos!?  Welcome to May in Jackson Hole!  From our visual recollection, we didn’t have as much snow at this time last year, but it seemed like we got all of our snowfall at the end of this winter season, so we think it might be a little late to leave.  A little snow on the ground is always welcomed by us and thankfully our sweet couple didn’t mind either!  Meet Trent and Claire!  We spent two sunrise morning in a row with these cuties and even though that means a 3:30am wake up time for us, we would do it again in a heartbeat for them.  When Trent contacted us, he let us know how much Claire loved photos so after learning a little more about his vision, it was decided we should split his session into two, one a bit more casual for their proposal, and one more dressed up for an engagement.  They totally crushed both but proposals always hold a special place in our hearts!  There’s just always something so special about this moment.  Throw in a little snow covered shoreline at Jenny Lake, and the Grand Tetons being lit by the soft sunrise light, and it’s easy to see why this was a perfect morning!  As always, we hope you all enjoy following along!


a couple looking out over the view at Jenny Lake

A woman reacting to her boyfriend's proposal

a woman covering her face as her boyfriend proposes

man putting a ring on his fiance's finger

a woman smiling after she puts on her ring

engaged couple hugging moments after their proposal

newly engaged couple laughing together

traditional portrait of a couple smiling in front of Jenny Lake

a couple holding each other and laughing together

traditional portrait of an engaged couple smiling in front of the grand tetons

a man picking up his fiance in front of Jenny Lake

a couple laughing as they hold hands and walk

engaged couple laughing as they hug on each other

dramatic lighting portrait of a couple sitting in front of Jenny lake

a woman hugging her fiance's head

engaged couple resting foreheads on each other

couple sitting on a rock and laughing together

couple smiling as they sit together in front of Jenny Lake

a couple's feet hanging as they sit together

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