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  • Jenny and Joe Mackey

Glacier Point Elopement Yosemite : B + C

Updated: May 6

Couple standing on the edge of taft point at sunset

Yosemite Beautiful Mountain Elopement

One of the things we’ve always prided ourselves on is connecting with all of our couples. But, every now and then, a couple comes a long that we truly get to know over the course of planning their wedding or elopement. It’s one of those things that is especially true with our adventure elopement couples. While a lot of the planning elements are the same, there are a lot more details to consider when planning for this kind of wedding vs a traditional one, and on a typical wedding day, even though we may spend all day with a couple, it tends to be more of a photojournalistic approach, documenting the day as it unfolds as well as a couple’s interaction with their friends and family. For adventure weddings, that time is spent directly with us. Whether it’s hiking to a destination, or driving from one spot to another, or even just getting ready. The usual hustle and bustle of a traditional wedding day is replaced by a more calm intimate feeling. As you can imagine, the experience for our couples is very different as well. Instead of worrying about things like guest accommodations, timelines, and bridesmaid drama, it gives our couples an opportunity to take it slow, breathe, and focus on why they decided to get married in the first place. Of course there’s also the added benefit of looking forward to getting out and exploring whatever beautiful location they’ve chosen for their union. In Cindy and Brad’s case, Yosemite National Park in sunny California, but before we hop right into this beautiful adventure, let’s go back to when we first met these two!

Like a lot of couples last year, Cindy and Brad were thrown the proverbial curveball that was ‘2020’. Brad had planned to propose to Cindy in Yosemite last year but due to the forrest fires and hazardous air quality, fate had other plans. It’s always crushing when there’s something you really want and for reasons beyond your control it just can’t happen, but Cindy and Brad were determined to make the best of everything. They did get engaged on that west coast trip, but they still had a yearning to have engagement photos in the mountains. In the meantime, they decided they were going to do an engagement session a little closer to home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. After learning about their story, and knowing just how beautiful Yosemite is, we really wanted to make sure they had an awesome experience and enjoyed their engagement. Knowing that they were both hikers and avid adventurers, we decided to take them to one of our favorite spots in WNC, Black Balsam Knob. In our opinion, it’s easily one of the most beautiful locations in that range, and one that these two totally rocked! Besides being total hotties, Cindy and Brad, were absolutely one of the sweetest couples we’ve had the pleasure of working with for their engagement. Between their natural chemistry, and fun personalities, these two were in their comfort zone in no time. Did we mention they brought their fur babies!? Cindy also proved to be as tough as they come! As the evening moved closer to sunset, the temps started to plummet! Though it looked warm in photos, by the time we got into the best of golden hour, it was in the 30s and windy. It’s something that no matter how much you mentally prepare for, when you’re in a dress, it can be quite brutal. I think we offered to end the session a little early so they didn’t have to suffer, but after a little break to warm up, these two finished like champs, in spite of the frigid weather.

After that evening we knew we wanted to work with Cindy and Brad again! They had hinted about returning to Yosemite eventually and maybe having their elopement there but they knew they would need to do some planning. Truth be told, it’s a place we’ve always wanted to go, but having spent just that one evening with Cindy and Brad, and getting to see who they are as a couple, we knew it was going to be something special, no matter who got to capture it. We were blessed with that opportunity, and from the minute we started planning everything with them over the phone, we were on cloud nine. Having been to Yosemite quite a few times between the two of them, Brad and Cindy already had some epic location ideas within the park. Being as excited as we were, we had already researched a ton of locations and picked out our favorites. Wouldn’t you know, almost every single one of them aligned with their’s (lol)! Like always, weather would be a factor but when the week of their elopement finally arrived, we were looking at some of the finest weather Cali had to offer! Blue skies and warm temps as far as they forecast could see. True to their sweet nature, Cindy and Brad invited us over to their Air Bnb the night before their elopement to hang, have a glass of wine (when in Rome right!?), meet their families, and last but not least, enjoy a made from scratch Italian dinner which Brad spent hours preparing for everyone. (Side bar - - it was amazing). It was a night filled with sharing stories, family coming together, and plenty of laughs for all. For us it was also one of our favorite parts of the entire trip. With every couple and every wedding, we expect to connect on some level and capture many beautiful memories in the process, but that evening, Brad and Cindy and their families truly made us feel like one of the fam, for that we will be forever. Cheers guys!

I know, I know, I’m getting longwinded. Yes, we’ve made it the grand finale where the guy gets the girl and they live happily ever after! But you know I gotta fill you in on the details too! If you’re ready for all the beautiful awesomeness, that was Cindy and Brad’s elopement in Yosemite, keep scrolling. For those of you who love the details, stick with us. From getting ready to sunset at Taft Point, the entire day was perfection! We were naturally a little worried about traffic with it being memorial day weekend but everywhere we went, we somehow timed it just right with parking, and each location. We were able to adventure to so many beautiful spots throughout the valley, to the iconic tunnel view, all the way to the top ending with a beautiful sunset at Taft Point. I could go on about each spot for days honestly, as each location in and of itself lends itself to a beautiful story to be told, but for us the best part of the day was Cindy and Brad’s wedding ceremony at Glacier Point. It was idyllic in every way. The setting was like something out of a post card only better, and as we began naturally we thought a crowd might gather to watch which can sometimes be a little disruptive, but when Brad got into his vows, you could’ve heard a pin drop. The emotion of the moment was so moving even complete strangers completely recognized how special this was for them. Tears filled many of their family members eyes, as they did he and Cindy’s as well. It was a moment in time that I’m sure will stay with all of us for many years to come and one we hope you enjoy as well as you follow along on this special day!

bride approaching groom from behind
groom reacting to seeing his bride for the first time
bride and groom holding hands in front of the mountains
groom smiling at bride
bride approaching groom from behind
portrait of bride and groom smiling at each other
bridal portrait in yosemite national park
bride and groom holding each other and enjoying the view
a couple holding hands and walking through a field
couple holding hands in a field as the bride's veil floats
bride and groom holding hands and walking in front of yosemite falls
environmental portrait of a couple holding hands and walking through a field
a groom holding his bride in front of yosemite falls
a bride and groom holding each other as her veil floats
bride and groom kissing in front of yosemite valley
bride and groom standing side by side in front of the mountains
groom kissing bride on the temple
bride and groom smiling at each other in front of yosemite valley
sign of glacier point and four mile trail
bride walking through yosemite
wedding ceremony at glacier point in yosemite
groom reading vows
bride laughing during the wedding ceremony
close up of bride and groom's hands
bride tearing up during the wedding ceremony
bride grabbing groom as he starts to cry
bride and groom reading vows
bride reading vows
people looking on during the wedding ceremony
elopement shot between people's heads
groom wiping away tears
bride wiping away a tear as she reads her vows
tear rolling down bride's cheek as she hold the groom's hand
elopement ceremony at glacier point in yosemite
bride and groom both wiping away tears
bride and groom sharing their first kiss
bride laughing behind the groom
groom celebrating in front of half dome
groom leading bride across a rock
bride and groom kissing in front of half dome
groom portrait in yosemite national park
groom kissing bride on the forehead
bride and groom holding each other in front of half dome
groom kissing bride on the cheek
bride's veil floating in the foreground
bride and groom toasting with family
bride and groom hiking
bride and groom crossing a creek
bride and groom holding hands and walking
bride and groom showing off their hiking boots
traditional portrait of bride and groom laughing
groom hugging bride from behind
bride and groom kissing
bride and groom standing on the edge of a jagged cliff
bride and groom kissing on the edge of a cliff
bride and groom holding hands on the edge of taft point
brides veil floating as her and groom look at the view
groom kissing the bride on the edge of a cliff in yosemite
couple standing on the cliff at taft point in yosemite national park
couple holding hands and walking near a cliff
bride wrapped around the groom's shoulder
bride whispering in groom's ear
bride wrapped around the groom's arm
us geological survey marker
bridal portrait at sunset


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